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ETMC (Environmental Technology and Management Conference) is a quinquennial event held by the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). This year, we co-host this event with the 12th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Environmental Engineering (RC EnvE) 2019 AUN/SEED-Net JICA. 
The degradation of the ecosystem, the depletion of natural resource and environmental pollution can affect human health and well-being. Coupled with the raised social awareness and actions, the establishment and use of smart and green technologies can contribute in achieving our common future: a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future generations.
Selected papers will be published in a proceeding and a journal indexed by Scopus.



Technological advancement has brought astonishing improvement in human well-being, such as water and sanitation, medical development, food production, goods manufacture, communication, education, and others. However, these progresses have generated detrimental side effects to the environment through agricultural practices, livestock production, industrial activities, mining, transport, and other activities. This will in turn affect human health and wellbeing, ultimately through the degradation of ecosystem, the depletion of natural resource and environmental pollution.There is a growing vulnerability of natural disasters, flooding, drought, and other man-made environmental problems.
The ultimate sustainability challenges are:
  1. (1) to reduce pressure from the society over time  due to our growing demand for resources and ecosystem services while racing with the declining capacity of the earth to provide those;
  2. (2) to build a more resilient ecosystem and community to natural hazards and environmental problems.

Smart technologies assist in collect and make use of data about the environment and human impact on it, which will help to design better regulations towards resilient and sustainable environment. Green technologies play an important role in mitigating or reversing the detrimental effects of human activities to the earth. Coupled with the raised social awareness translated into actions, the establishment and use of smart and green technologies may facilitate the attempts in reducing the earth’s pressure from negative side effects of human activities.



  2. (1) To provide a platform for exchange of ideas and information and experiences among academics, researchers, consultants, engineers, manufacturers and post graduate scholars;
  3. (2) To discuss and evaluate the latest approaches, innovative technologies, policies and new directions in infrastructure development, pollution prevention and eco-friendly technologies adapted to developing countries;
  4. (3) To promote cooperation and networking amongst practitioners and researchers involved in addressing green infrastructure and environment issues.



The conference will provide opportunities for Policy Makers; Scientists; Engineers; Academics; Environmental Consultants; Environmental Contractors; Industrial practitioners, Businessmen; Politicians; NGOs; Undergraduate and Graduate Students; Individuals

The conference will provide an opportunity for professionals and researchers to learn, to share and to exchange about the latest development and research in environmental engineering and other disciplines which interest in technology toward the sustainable environment. Besides, the side events (socio-engineering, emergency sanitation and domestic wastewater management) may benefit the participants.



All participants can exchange ideas, information and experiences contributing in achieving sustainable environment.

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